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Falling in love with the new you

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The V.I.B.E. Living Series is a …

Live and in-person Group Setting – A wonderful opportunity to work with Experts that will help you create a life of your dreams.

A series of dynamic classes designed to inspire and uplift you. You will learn holistic techniques and practices that will empower you to live a V.I.B.E. life that is vibrant, intuitive beautiful and emerged. We cover such topics as increasing your energy, getting crystal clear on what you want for your life, holistic ways to improve your health and wellbeing, learning to love the “real” you, enhancing your sensuality, and removing the blocks that keep you from manifesting a life of your dreams. In other words, you will create a road map, a blueprint that will lead you to living a V.I.B.E. life.

Benefits for Living A V.I.B.E. Life

What are the benefits of living a V.I.B.E. life?

What does V.I.B.E Living mean for you? It means:

In other words …

Falling In Love With The New You

Why is creating a Is personal blueprint important?

Your life is important. A blueprint gives you a vision, a pathway to manifest what you want for your life. It’s not just an idea in your head, but a personal blueprint is something tangible that you can look at every day. A powerful tool for enhancing your vision, an action plan that directs you in building a life of your dreams and, creating a life you love.

Manifest A Life You Always Wanted To Have

Create a blueprint to manifest the kind of results you want to have in your life. Not just stuff to fill your day. Build a foundation for stepping out into what is next for your life. Feel more alive, beautiful, and vibrant. Learn how to remove blocks and move forward in your life, and learn specific tools to enhance your mind, body, and spirit.

The V.I.B.E. Living Experts


Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Holistic Living and Wellness Expert for Women Over 40


Dr. Shelley Negelow

Founder, Power of Woman Seminar, Co-Founder Academy for Conscious Living

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What is the V.I.B.E. Living Series

There are 6 sessions that are conducted in a live group setting.
The duration of each session is 2 hours.

What is vibrancy? It means having more energy, more health, and joy in your life. We give you tools, information, and techniques so you can feel more youthful inside and out and have more passion for everything you do.

 What is Intuition? It means fine-tuning your clarity, sensitivity and focus so you can make better choices in your life.

What is Beautiful? It means feeling good in your body inside and out, feeling healed, feeling whole, and able to express your beauty in every area of your life.

What is Emerge? It means stepping out into your full potential with gratitude, so you can experience the joy of manifesting a life of your dreams.

What is a blueprint? The blueprint is the plan you design to shape your life the way you want it to be.

What is expanding the blueprint? Is all about fine-tuning the blueprint you already have and developing your action steps for moving forward.

V.I.B.E. Living leads to a profound change in your life

Take it, use it, and practice. Foundational experience and the tools to help you along your path in a way where you feel powerful and whole in your life. You feel the joy and love that you can express more fully.

Begin your journey today
… come on and V.I.B.E with us!

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$597 per person

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